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Chief Executive

Clare Marchant

Clare Marchant

Key Accountabilities

The Chief Executive identifies and responds to the needs of customers - those people who live, visit or work in Worcestershire. Working alongside our councillors, Clare leads County Council staff to achieve the organisation's four Corporate priorities: Open for Business, Children and Families, the Environment and Health and Well-being and provides advice and support to councillors on strategy development.

As the organisation continues to rise to the financial challenge, our Chief Executive ensures that local people, businesses and communities have the opportunity to have their say and feed into any proposed service or policy changes and then works to effectively implement decisions.

Clare is also responsible for working with government departments, other local authorities and external agencies, for example, to benefit the local economy and promotes the community leadership role of the Council working in partnership with statutory and private sector partners and voluntary organisations.


  • 1993: BA History and Politics
  • 1998: MSc: Manufacturing, Management and Technology

Career Information

Clare started her professional life as a management trainee and then Engineering and Production Manager for Rank Hovis McDougall. She then joined Deloitte Consulting where she worked for a variety of clients including Burberry, Abbey, Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Constitutional Affairs, leading large scale, transformation programmes.

In 2003 she joined the Department for Health, leading the development and implementation of Choose and Book and Picture Archiving Communication Services across the NHS as part of the National Programme for IT. Having taken a short sabbatical to teach IT in Ghana she returned as Chief Deployment Officer.

In 2010 she joined Worcestershire County Council as Head of Change and in 2012 was appointed Assistant Chief Executive.

Clare became Chief Executive of Worcestershire County Council in June 2014.


Information relating to salary and pension contributions is available within the Statement of Accounts under Officer Remuneration. The Councils Pay Policy Statement clarifies the County Council's strategic stance on pay in order to provide direction for members and officers making detailed decisions on pay and to provide the citizens of Worcestershire with a clear statement of the principles underpinning decisions on the use of public funds.